Agenda at a Glance

8:00am Registration/Breakfast

9:00am Breakout Sessions

  • “Basic Consumer Marketing as a Public Safety Tool” – Michael Emory
  • “Social Media Intelligence vs. Listening.  What’s the Difference and Why Does It Matter?” – Nicholas Love
  • “Everything You Wanted to Know About Video” – Jessica Woodbury

10:15am Breakout Sessions

  • “The Eye of the Storm: How Integrated Crisis Communications Planning Helped Wilmington and Beaches Recover from Hurricane Florence” – Leah Knepper & Abigal Quesinberry
  • “Free the Mimosa: A Case Study” – Jeff Tippett
  • “Take Your Stakeholders from ‘Aware’ to ‘Champion’ on the Engagement Continuum” – Erin Smith & Elizabeth Kadick

11:30am Lunch/Keynote

  • “The Convergence of PR and Marketing: What to Expect and How to Adapt” – Errol Cockfield

1:15pm Breakout Sessions

  • “No Dust on Our Strategic Plan: Integrating Our Vision into How We Do Business” – Michael Evans
  • “Brand Stories Beyond the Press Release: Building an Impactful Global Newsroom” – Justin Eure & Hollyn Phelps
  • “Media Relations 101: Creating Lasting Connections” – Melinda Jackson

2:30pm Breakout Sessions

  • “Most People Are Not Like You: A Guide to PR Measurement in a Diverse World” – Joseph Cabosky
  • “Fins Up: Small Team, Big Challenges” – Robin Nalepa
  • “Cobblers Children – We Know Better, But We Don’t Make Time for Ourselves! Top Things To Do To Prepare for Your Next Role!” – Karen Townsend Hagens

3:45 Special Panels

  • “APR: Make 2020 Your Year!” – Stephanie Llorente, Sarah Bruckner, Joseph Gaitens and Robin Gaitens
  • “InSpire Awards: What Does It Take to Win?” – Corinne Watson, Tracy Lathan, APR, Lyndsey Newnam and Evie Hornak, APR