Agency PR Executive

October 4, 2018
Raleigh, North Carolina
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Do you love making noise? Good!

Does the thought of coming up with the actual idea that generates immense coverage and curiosity thrill you even more? Double-plus good.

If you like sitting around all day, musing over things that others hand to you, this probably isn't the place for you. However, if you love coming up with high-impact publicity events, timeless social media campaigns and promo notions that no one's seen before, ones that cause an uproar among consumers, you will thrive here like a stray cat in a bird sanctuary. Ideas, by the way, that shatter expectations, and most of all, look forward in time (not back to desk tchotchkes and other relics).

Our creative marketing communications firm, The Republik ( is filled with people who love to think, and make things both beautiful and intense. Not to mention we have a line of clients who crave this kind of work. We're bound by no media and are quite comfortable working in the digital, social and mobile realms. We need some help around here! We need a Word of Mouth/Buzz Marketing and Social Media maven, one who can jump on board with nary a stumble to manage all aspects of content development and distribution, medial relations, copywriting and developing & executing messaging & social media strategies.

Candidates should be driven to be the best, have 3-5 years of public relations/social media experience and have an appetite to grow within an organization. Critical and strategic thinking is a must. Senior-level talent will be considered (if you're really, really good, and your ego can fit through the front door without turning sideways.)


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