Join our chapter for free! New and returning members will have their initiation or reinstatement fee waived when they join National as a regular member with a free one year chapter membership and a free one year section membership until November 30. Simply use code TRIPLEPLAY20 at checkout.

How to Join

To be a member of any chapter, you must be a member of the Public Relations Society of America.

To make it easy, you can join both the national association and the North Carolina chapter at the same time.

You can apply for membership by visiting and completing the membership application. Be sure to select membership in your local chapter on the application form (our chapter is the NCPRSA chapter). Once you complete the form, you can submit online with your dues payment. Our annual chapter dues are $50 in addition to national dues, which are $255.

Once you become a member, you will have access to all “members-only” services and will be included on our email distribution list.

For membership information and an application, please contact Membership Chair, Frank Williams.

Membership Information

Your professional concerns are addressed by our services. Members are offered a wide range of programs:

  • Professional Development Events: luncheon meetings, seminars, teleconferences, webcasts
  • Publications: Public Relations Tactics, for all practitioners, and The Strategist, for senior-level practitioners
  • Career Assistance: job bank, classified ads and links to public relations resources
  • Networking: social and professional development events, committee participation, contacts with other chapters and special interest groups
  • Research Resources: industry trends, research findings, award-winning campaigns, ideas exchange
  • Directories: industry resources, members, PR firms, other chapters, institutions of higher education
  • Accreditation: resources to prepare you for the accreditation exam
  • Recognition of your accomplishments
  • Special Services: credit card, special rates on car rentals and air freight, discounts on selected wire services and business insurance

For membership information and an application, please contact Membership Chair, Frank Williams.