As communicators and marketers, we can all benefit from shared perspectives, information and ways to collaborate. We invite you to a look behind the scenes at NCPRSA, and view our past newsletters to get to know our chapter better. We look forward to continuing to serve our North Carolina community of public relations, corporate communications and marketing colleagues.


    • Communications Professionals Must Drive Business Culture
      The challenges of 2020, which I won’t bore (or depress) anyone by repeating, have had the beneficial side effect of showcasing the value of PR professionals. With a country fractured on so many levels, the importance of communications to unite rather than divide has become more important than ever.


    • Diversity & Inclusion: Keep the Conversation Going!
      October marks Diversity & Inclusion Month for PRSA. What has become increasingly clear this year, though, is that diversity and inclusion are not merely themes to celebrate one month a year but should be aspirations that permeate everything we do in this and the other 11 months. That is the conversation that PRSA is having at all levels and one that will only enrich our profession, its work and those we serve going forward. Click below to read more.


    • Lessons from the Other Side
      For the past several days, our family has been caught up in a series of COVID-19 outbreaks on my daughter’s college campus, including the most recent in her dorm. As case numbers have increased on the university’s daily dashboard, I’ve found myself on the other side of public relations as an anxious parent desperate for answers and reassurance. This experience has taught and reinforced valuable lessons in how PR professionals should be communicating with their publics in difficult times…. Click below to read more.


    • Are Effective Political Discussions Possible in a Fractured World?

      I’m tired. I’m tired of quarantining, I’m tired of the news, I’m tired of the debates over every little thing. Frankly, I’m tired of being tired, and I bet more than a few of you are right there with me. In a time when we should be coming together, our country is more fractured than ever …. Click below to read more.

JULY 2020

    • We All Have a Voice for Equality and Justice

      As I write this, I am sitting on my back deck on a sunny day. With my phone inside and my laptop’s alerts turned off, it’s one of the few times I can exist in a complete bubble from the round-the-clock news of COVID-19 and the ongoing demonstrations for racial justice and equality …. Click below to read more.

JUNE 2020

    • Graduating During a Pandemic

      In a few weeks, my daughter will take a brief trip not unlike thousands of others across the country—she’ll get out of a car, walk across an outdoor stage, grab her diploma and officially be a high school graduate. The next day, she’ll virtually join her entire class for speeches and the long calling of names while relatives log in from afar to catch the 5 or 10 seconds when her photo flashes across the screen …. Click below to read more.

MAY 2020

    • Make Your Days a Little Different with NCPRSA

      Not a day goes by that my inbox and texts don’t contain at least a few memes on coronavirus and quarantine. Lately, many are repeats, endlessly circulating as the situation drags on. We all get it. Quarantine is just like “Groundhog Day,” the 1993 Bill Murray movie that depicts TV weatherman Phil Connors caught in a time loop, repeatedly living the same day ….. Click below to read more.

APRIL 2020

    • As COVID-19 Spreads, So Does Misinformation and Burnout

“We are blessed to live in a time when so much information can be so easily and quickly accessed. But with that blessing comes a deep responsibility to ensure that we hold ourselves and others to a high standard of ethics and accuracy in communications.” (January 31, 2020) …. Click below to read more.

MARCH 2020

      • From Busy to Burnout

        March 3 is National If Pets Had Thumbs Day, conceived 25 years ago as a chance to imagine what our furry friends could accomplish with that extra digit. Personally, I may be indulging in this dream more than this fanciful day warrants after finishing a February fraught with one challenge after another. The idea of deputizing fur babies Sydney and Bandit to lighten the load is definitely appealing. There is simply too much to do and not enough hands to get it done …. Click below to read more.


      • PR’s Responsibility in a World of Misinformation

        The tragic recent deaths of Kobe Bryant, his daughter and seven other people in a helicopter crash underscored how damaging the simple act of communicating can be when it lacks ethics and accuracy. Digital media’s breakneck pace of reporting meant that getting the story first trumped not only getting it right but what many would regard as basic human decency …. Click below to read more.


      • It’s Okay to Brag.

        When my daughter got two college acceptances earlier than expected, I immediately went into PR mode. Cue the calls and texts to family, the social media postings and even the resurrection of the holiday newsletter. Or not. Because despite her mother’s propensity to share news far and wide, my daughter saw no reason to tell anyone yet, stating that she didn’t want to “brag.” …. Click below to read more.


      • With Gratitude

        A year ago, our current board of directors got together to map out a strategy for 2019. It was the first time we’d met as a group and, as the incoming president, I spent far too long googling “ice breaking exercises” to try and figure out a good way to ease into the planning process. I stumbled upon a gem, and you should totally steal it if you need one, because it worked out better than I could have hoped: If you were a Major League pitcher or WWE superstar, what would be your entrance music? The results were spectacular …. Click below to read more.


      • Procrastinators Unite!

Much to my mom’s chagrin, one of my favorite sayings in high school was, “Procrastination is an art form.” I’ve always been really good at figuring just how long I can put something off and still get it done. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve gotten much better about planning ahead…but I’ll probably always need a bit of deadline pressure to really buckle down. I think I have a lot of kindred spirits in the PR world …. Click below to read more.


      • In Position for a Winning Year

What the Florida Gators and NCPRSA have in common.

If there’s a plausible way to work the Florida Gators into a conversation, I’m gonna take it. I have no shame on that matter …. Click below to read more.


      • Hurricane Preps.Putting Crisis Communication into Action

    As Hurricane Dorian laid waste to the Bahamas and started turning towards our coast, a huge variety of North Carolina organizations began to brace for the worst: emergency management departments, healthcare organizations, utilities, school systems, the travel industry, and on and on. It’s the type of event that disrupts the routine for a dizzying number of us …. Click below to read more.