How to Prepare Your Silver (Campaign) Entry

The Silver InSpire Awards recognize practitioners who have successfully addressed a contemporary issue with exemplary professional skill, creativity, and resourcefulness. They have created complete programs that incorporate sound research, planning, execution, and evaluation. They must meet the highest standards of performance in the profession.


  • All entries must be registered online to be considered. To access the submission form click here.
  • Entrants must select a single subcategory – either (A) Business – Products/Services, or (B) Government/Associations/Nonprofit Organizations – where appropriate for each entry.
  • Entrants may choose to enter their programs in more than one category provided the entry meets the specific criteria stated for that category. Entrants should examine program objectives and target audiences in deciding which category is most appropriate.
  • Each entry must be submitted electronically with:
    • a separate, category-appropriate, 100-word description (see details in section below)
    • a separate, category-appropriate, two-page summary (see details in section below)
    • entry form
    • entry fee and separate entry fee for each additional category entered.
  • Only electronic entries will be accepted.
  • All materials must be combined into one PDF document.

100-word Description

This brief description about your program must be included. This will be used to describe your entry at the awards banquet and on NCPRSA’s website if it receives an InSpire Award.

Two-page Summary

The two-page summary is the single-most important component of the Silver InSpire Award entry.

A concise summary must be included with each entry.

  • Each of the four criteria — research, planning, execution and evaluation — must be addressed.
  • The summary should be no longer than two pages.
  • The two-page summary should be typed using no smaller than a 10-point typeface and one-inch margins.

The entry should include any supporting materials referenced in the two-page summary. This detailed information should be in clearly labeled in the submitted materials. For example, if you reference a public relations planning document, a copy of the plan should be included in the entry. Other examples of supporting materials are research reports, surveys, news releases, clippings and samples of tactical materials. If your entry has a video component that can be found online, make sure to include a link to the website URL in the written entry.

Two-page Summary, continued

Judges evaluate the program on the merit of four criteria that you share in your two-page summary:

  1. Research
  2. Planning
  3. Execution
  4. Evaluation

Please begin your entry by providing a brief situation analysis about your program.

The questions below are designed to help you write the rest of your two-page summary:


  • What prompted the research?
    • In response to an existing problem?
    • To examine a potential problem?
    • Something different?
  • What type of research did you use – primary, secondary or both?
    • Primary research involves original research, including focus groups, interviews and surveys.
    • Secondary research involves searching existing resources for information or data related to a particular need, strategy or goal (e.g., online computer database searches, web-based research, library searches, industry reports and internal market analyses).
  • How was the research relevant to shaping the planning process?
  • How did the research help define or redefine the audience(s) or the situation?


  • How did the plan correlate to the research findings?
  • What was the plan, in general terms?
  • What were the specific, measurable objectives of the plan?
  • Who were the target audiences?
  • What was the overall strategy used?
  • What was your budget?


  • How was the plan executed, and what was the outcome?
  • How did the activities flow, in general terms?
  • What were they key tactics?
  • Were there any difficulties encountered? If so, how were they handled?
  • Were other organizations involved?
  • Were non-traditional public relations tactics used, like advertising? (Unless you are entering this program under “Integrated Communications,” advertising costs should not exceed one-third of the budget.)


  • What methods of evaluation were used?
  • What were your results?
  • How did the results compare to the specific, measurable objectives you identified in the planning section?

Final Checklist

  • Confirmation email from the online entry form (required, one per entry)
  • Payment – payment must be submitted at the time of entry
  • 100-word summary statement
  • Two-page summary
  • Supporting documents, clearly labeled
  • Combine all materials into one PDF file
  • Confirm that the entry title and PDF file name match
  • Upload 2022 InSpire Awards Submission Form, including all materials, as one (1) PDF file format