PR for Good

What is PR for Good? The goal of the PR for Good initiative is to help nonprofits that are located in the membership area of PRSA NC Chapter (from the Triad to the coast) do the most good in their communities. Our teams of talented PR professionals will help our selected organizations advance their objectives by helping to build recognition, trust and support with key stakeholders.

PR for Good will assign a project team of up to six members to the organization that is selected for the program. Team members will fill key roles, including a team leader/project manager, as well as other skills, from areas like strategy, media relations, social media, content, measurement, and creative. Team members will spend up to five hours a month working on the organization’s PR.

2024: PR for Good will help two (2) nonprofits in 2024 using two separate sessions throughout the year; each ~6 months in duration. (Feb – July; and July – Dec)

Who can join? For volunteers: if you're an NCPRSA Member we're happy to have you join the team!

For organizations, there are a few eligibility requirements. Please see the list below.

Volunteer Sign-up

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